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5Pcs Fashion Women Boho World Map Shell Infinity Beads Bracelet Bangle Jewelry

5Pcs Fashion Women Boho World Map Shell Infinity Beads Bracelet Bangle Jewelry

Boho World Map Shell Infinity Beads Bracelet Bangle Jewelry 5Pcs Fashion Women, Material: Alloy Shell, Size: See the picture show(Adjustable)(As the picture show), It’s a perfect accessory, also a good gift to your friends It will make you beautiful on picture,Quantity: 5Pcs(1Set), Add a unique accent to your Bracelet collection.Shell Infinity Beads Bracelet Bangle Jewelry 5Pcs Fashion Women Boho World Map,5Pcs Fashion Women Boho World Map Shell Infinity Beads Bracelet Bangle Jewelry, Jewelry & Watches, Fashion Jewelry, Bracelets.

Boho style for creative people

Bohemian clothes and bohemian fashion are gaining immense popularity during the recent year. The major reason for this tendency is that boho outfits are flashy, unique, and leap to the eye. However, there are still a lot of people who do not feel confident enough to wear the fancy boho clothes. Indeed, embracing the boho style requires boldness and freedom of spirit. Being restricted by different dress codes, people often lose the desire to express their personality in clothing. If you feel that you are ready to free yourself from limitations and conventions, you have come to the right place. We are happy to welcome you to our unique online store: at, you will find an exquisite selection of boho items that will make you stand out from the crowd.

photo Gallery

Pictures influence a lot more than words in today’s world so here’s where you can look into Bohemian aesthetics and get inspired and satisfy that boho spirit within you.

Spirit animal: Wolf

Element: Wood

Stone: Rough Turquoise, Jade

Soul: Bohemian

Hi! This is Shraddha, the writer and creator of the blog Bohemian Pixels.

// This blog is for you all beautiful souls out there – share your stories, bond with strangers and friends, satisfy your inner bohemians and be a part of my day to day experiences and the journey of life.

From dressing like one to feeling like one, Bohemian Pixels is going to help you find your individual style and be a part in your journey of explorations //

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The Redes

Radiating pure rustic romance this fairytale cottage settled on the edge of the magical Kennall Vale is the perfect refuge for both earth mothers and nature lovers alike.

Sleeps: Up to 2 guests
From: £995 per week, £750 per short break
Pets: Two well-behaved dogs are welcome
Features: Hot tub and outdoor shower

Mona Hajj Leans Boho Global

I wouldn’t exactly call these rooms from the portfolio of interior designer Mona Hajj boho. But they certainly contain global elements and an eclecticism nearly always present in boho home décor.

Translation: Boho enthusiasts can learn a lot from how her rooms come together.

Pieter Estersohn photo

This living room from a Hajj-designed Maryland home featured in the September 2016 House Beautiful is initially what turned me on to the designer. I love her use of textiles—particularly the tapestry that echoes in the area rug and throw pillows—and the folk pottery bowls that accentate the wall-hanging, top and bottom.

The room is also a lesson in mixing high and low. The armchair and drop-leaf table are high period style, whereas the chest as coffee table, the side table at right, and the lamps lend a more relaxed, rustic feel. And yet it all works together! (I think the textiles are the secret here!!)

Whether this room and those that follow are wholly your style or not, there’s a lot to file away from this Beirut-born designer’s bold mix of global elements.

Welcome in any language

The long, long, LONG repurposed industrial work table softens the formality of this foyer, while the rug brings it all together. What I wouldn’t give to sink into that deep blue velvet settee! Yumm!!

More beautiful ceramics overhead accent the tile work in this craftsman fireplace surround. The mantel arrangement lends a primitive feel to the space, I think. And don’t miss that sweet cradle with its intricate carvings, topped with an embroidered makeshift canopy.

Sitting pretty

Again, it’s all about the textiles. Who would have thought a toile sofa could read boho? That’s thanks to the coverlet hung behind it and the dhurrie area rug. Notice how the trim around the side edge of the coffee table repeats the striped area rug, but at a diagonal, which energizes the space.

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Wowza! This family room is a change of pace!! The pint-size egg chair and rattan ottomans are a kick, and I’m digging that Moroccan ottoman in red leather PLUS a print. Thanks to an all-white sofa (not my choice for a room that suggests the presence of young children, or adults, for that matter), the art work takes center stage.

Who wouldn’t love this room? Again, it’s the textiles that speak to me—a kilim-upholstered ottoman, a Persian area rug, wonderful pink throw pillows and sumptuous draperies.

Sleeping Tight

Oh my stars!! I am SOOOOO in love with this bedroom! Who couldn’t sleep soundly here? The hammered metal Indian mirrors, lantern, and nailhead chest are to-die-for, but it’s that headboard that puts me in a swoon. And notice the thin swath of linen that unrolls from the purple bolster pillow, on down past the bedskirt to the floor. What a subtle finishing touch!

Okay, THIS bedroom is nothing to sneeze at either. I like how the tapestry curtain hanging behind the bed emphasizes the old world elegance of the carved chest at the bed’s foot. I also love the simplicity of the accessories—stacks of books and oriental pottery. Dreamy!!

This daybed demands to be used around-the-clock, don’t you think? I love how the coral walls blend into the pink/violet textiles that dress the bed. It’s the color of a sunset and so relaxing to sink into.

Form marries function

Kitchens, no matter how state-of-the-art seldom impress me, but this one stands out because of the simplicity. The straightforward finishes work as a stunning backdrop for the custom tile behind the cooktop and the sumptuous patterned area rug in the same palette. At least I THINK that’s tile behind the cooktop. It certainly emulates the patterns of a handwoven Persian carpet.

Certainly not boho, but I had to include this photo only to show how one modern element changes the entire room. Everything is period except the shade on the lighting fixture over the dining table. But instead of clashing it adds energy to the room. The secret to making it work rather than clash? I think it’s that Hajj used fabric similar to the window treatments in color and texture.

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I’m on a real bender these days for oriental rugs in bathrooms, and I really like how the yellow leaded glass picks up the gold in this rug and vice versa. What an elegant yet relaxing bathroom!! Calgon, take me away!!

Inside out

Talk about outdoor rooms, this one would be just as comfy inside as well. All the care given an inside living room is in play here, down to that cute horse on wheels. I’m hoping all of this is, at the least, under roof. I couldn’t bear to see it rained on.

And who wouldn’t adore a sunroom with sunny yellow accents? I love the wavy glass in the light fixture, as well as how the pillow patterns repeat those in the Arabic wall panel displayed as art.

Evolution of an Iconic Style

The style’s name comes from the French word bohémien for nomadic person, typically referring to the Romani.

The original bohemians starting appearing not long after the French Revolution and consisted mainly of artistic types who found themselves leading a more nomadic lifestyle to earn a living. Likened to the Romani who were at the time believed to come from the Eastern European region of Bohemia, these wandering artists were dubbed “bohemians” as was their individualistic lifestyle and dress.

Classic Formal Boho

Simply put, this captures our idea of elegant bohemian style. There’s an Old World vibe that’s punched up with modern upholstered furnishings and eclectic accents. What’s not to love?

How To Get The Look:

Mix found objects and stately antiques with whimsical textiles and accent pieces. A vintage rug with trad colors that adds tons of warmth. Eye-catching foundation pieces, be it crisp white sofas, plush leather armchairs, or a carved coffee table.

Perfect for… those who are enthralled by antiques and found pieces that have a great backstory but also love the color and ease that boho finishing touches bring to a space.

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